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and Pierre

The mean July, 2021, temperature data for Tokyo and Hachijojima island are now available from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

Plotting Tokyo’s July mean temperature going back to 1993 shows there’s been no rise over the period.

Data source: JMA

July Hachijojima

The mean July, 2021, temperature for the RURAL volcanic Japanese island of Hachijojima – in the middle of the ocean some 287 kilometers south of Tokyo, was 25.3°C. We plot the data for July going back to 1926:

Data source: JMA

Here there’s been no July warming in close to 100 years.

Summer Hachijojima

Next, looking at the plot of the latest data up to 2020, we see that summers at Hachijojima have indeed NOT been warming:

Data source: JMA

As the above data show, there has been virtually no trend at all over the past 80 years.

Rural vs urban Japan

When we plot a comparison of the mean daily maximum temperatures at both these locations, we clearly see the urban heat island effect at work:

Tokyo’s maximum daily temperature has been rising much faster than that of Hachijojima. CO2 is not what’s at work here.

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August 1, 2021