Cool and wet weather expected to plague Europe into August

The previous three hot and dry European summers of 2018, 2019 and 2020 led “experts” to declare  this was all the new normal for future – unless we surrender our freedom to regulatory masterminds.

But no sooner was the ink of that declaration dry, did the weather turn and deliver just the opposite this summer. Across much of Europe it’s been wet and cool. The warnings of permanent summer droughts have evaporated.

Now the latest GFS 10-day forecast for Hamburg area shows rainy weather with high temps mostly in the range of only the mid to upper 60s (18-20°C) as Atlantic lows continue to sweep across northern Europe.

Chart: WX Charts

10-day temperature forecast for Hamburg:

Chart: WX Charts

10-day forecast for Glasgow area:

Chart: WX Charts

10-day forecast for Amsterdam:

Chart: WX Charts

10-day forecast, Paris:

Chart: WX Charts

Snow forecast in Austria, August 1, 2021

So cool the weather will be in the days ahead that SNOW is forecast in Austria tomorrow, August 1st:

Chart source: Hat-tip: Snowfan.

Snowfan looks ahead for the remainder of August:

The CFSv2 has continued to gradually cool the month of August in recent weeks and is now projecting a significantly supercooled and wet August 2021 in Central Europe.”

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July 31, 2021