This Year’s “ Greenland Meltdown” Scare

By Paul Homewood

h/t Ben Vorlich

Boy, they are getting desperate now!!

From Sky:

In fact, until this week Greenland had barely had a summer at all, with heavy snow meaning that the ice mass was way above average for the time of year. Even with the latest melt, the cumulative ice mass balance is still about a quarter above the 1981-2010 mean:

  According to DMI, the grey band indicates:

In other words, anything within that grey band has happened at one time or another since 1981. There is therefore nothing unusual at all about the June 28th melt, and it certainly does not mean Florida will get flooded. It is something that happens every summer.

Melting of ice in Greenland, as well as the opposite, snowfall, is determined by the weather. Whereas the last two months have been dominated by low pressure, this week has seen high pressure take over. High pressure means plenty of sunshine, which in turn is what melts the ice. It has nothing to do with carbon dioxide.

Weather forecasts suggest high pressure will remain for a few more days, before giving way to low pressure and more snow:

BBC  Forecast 30th June

With the end of Greenland’s melt season just a couple of weeks away, it looks as if we will end up with a pretty much average ice mass balance.

As for claims that the Arctic is warming three times faster than the global average, the Arctic has actually been colder than normal this summer. It is usually only during winter when Arctic temperatures are above normal, when of course it makes no difference whatsoever.

And so far this summer Arctic sea ice extent is doing what it always done at this time of year:

Yet every year, we get the same fraudsters out, trying to persuade the gullible public that the Arctic is melting down rapidly.


July 30, 2021