After weeks of public criticism over the planned ban of gas boilers, officials have told the Sun that Boris Johnson has caved in to growing opposition, kicking the unpopular policy into the long gas.

Officials have briefed the news media that the Prime Minister is considering to delay the planned gas boiler ban by 5 years. If confirmed, this would be a further win for critics who have been campaigning against this extremely costly and detested plan. Opponents of the ban had already driven the PM to delay the launch of the government’s heat and building strategy earlier this month.

However, it would also put the government in direct confrontation with the Committee on Climate Change which has called for a ban of gas boiler sales in order to meet the UK’s 2050 Net Zero emissions target.

Boris Johnson is right to be concerned about the social and political risks and repercussions of a hugely unpopular ban on gas boilers. The GWPF has been urging the Prime Minister for to pause and reconsider the poorly designed and extremely costly green home heating plans.

The reported delay is a clear indication that growing criticism of the gas boiler ban is making a real difference. The Prime Minister is now gravely concerned about the economic and political consequences of the ban. His climbdown is a welcome development. It almost certainly won’t be the last unpopular Net Zero plan that will be delayed, watered down or scrapped altogether.

BRITS would be allowed up to five more years to swap out their dirty boilers in a major row-back plotted by Boris Johnson.

The PM is looking at pushing back a ban on sales of all new gas boilers by 2035 after a furious backlash over spiralling costs.

The shift would give more time for new heat-pumps and hydrogen boilers to come down in price, and for businesses to pump extra cash into shifting people over gradually.

Brits will be incentivised to buy an eco-friendly heat pump next time their boiler breaks down, but would be given extra time to buy one if they want to before the ban kicks in.

That may mean that working boilers could have to be taken out before 2050 or Britain would be at risk of failing to hit Net Zero targets – something ministers are desperate to avoid.

Government insiders are growing worried about the eye-watering cost of the PM’s eco-plans – which is set to slap the Treasury with another £400billion bill on top of Covid repayments.

The Sun can reveal the Treasury have also scotched proposals to issue millions of households with ‘green cheques’ worth hundreds of pounds to compensate them for making their homes greener.

Ministers were eyeing up plans to give families annual payments of hundreds of pounds to offset the cost of higher gas bills, and encourage them to switch over to electric instead.

However, only the poorest Brits are expected to get grants to cover the entire cost of swapping, leaving middle-class families to pay some of the bill.

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July 26, 2021