By Paul Homewood 

Not only is the government considering regressive road charging, it now wants ordinary households to pay for charging stations, instead of making EV drivers pay the cost:

EVs, which are typically £10,000 more expensive than their petrol equivalents, are mostly bought by wealthy families as second or third cars, while electricity bills are paid by everyone. As GWPF’s Dr Benny Peiser pointed out, this represents a major ethical problem for the Conservative government:

Like so many aspects of the Net Zero project, subsidising EV charging points means the transfer of hundreds of millions of pounds from the poor to the rich. Boris Johnson and his government should be ashamed of themselves for this wicked plan.”

The news of the scheme for the wealthy was closely followed by a warning from the wind energy lobby that subsidies for offshore wind farms will have to continue indefinitely, refuting oft-repeated claims that renewables are close to becoming “subsidy-free”. Dr Peiser said:

It’s quickly becoming clear that the public has been subject to a campaign of deception about the cost of wind power and the entire Net Zero project. Eventually the political establishment is going to pay a terrible price for burdening households with astronomical costs.”


July 26, 2021