July 24 was celebrated by COVID-19 treating physicians, scientists, and their supporters as Ivermectin Day. For Google, it was another “no cure for COVID-19” day. It returned results denying effectiveness of Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment.

Google markets its search for medical information as a medical advice (simultaneously denying that) on the most frequently searched topics, which include COVID-19. It claims to offer information on symptoms, treatment, prevention, and safety, which is refined by its doctors (rather than received from third parties).

As an additional fee for its medical advice, Google also stores and uses the customer’s (patient’s?) medical searches information. Of course, it also shows ads.

Screenshots of Google search for Ivermectin, 07/24/2021, Tyler, TX (clean browser):

This is how Google markets its illegal and incorrect medical advice:

Search for medical information on Google [!]

You can search on Google for medical information that’s been reviewed by doctors. You can learn more about the following:

• Symptoms, treatments, and medical conditions
• Prevention, safety, and concerns

Tip: Medical information on symptoms and treatments is available only in some countries [including the US]. We provide medical information on the most frequently searched topics. …

teams of doctors carefully review and refine the information

Notice that this sales pitch is next to offer to search and book hotels on Google:

via Science Defies Politics


July 25, 2021