By Paul Homewood

Ann Farmer has sent me a copy of her letter to the Express, following the latest attack on the human race by a greenie.

One doubts whether the newly woke Express will print it!

The Great and the Goodall? The chimp lady and the human problem

Dame Jane Goodall, a ‘[l]eading anthropologist’ and ‘one of the world’s top experts on primates’, was today named an advocate of the COP26 climate change conference, to be held in Glasgow this November; the 87-year-old Dame Jane, whose ‘60-year studies of chimpanzees’ is ‘unsurpassed’, believes the ‘world has reached a turning point in its relationship with nature’. Accordingly, she ‘will address people around the globe on the importance of taking action against climate change’, and ‘will also highlight what needs doing to help the planet’ (‘Dame Jane takes lead role at climate change summit’, *Daily Express*, July 23, 2021).

Chosen as one of the ‘Top 25 Brits turning the country green’ in the effort ‘to tame climate change, cut pollution and reverse shocking declines in plants and wildlife’, along with Sir David Attenborough and Chris Packham,

Dame Jane went on to say that in her lifetime, she has ‘“seen the ice melting in Greenland and the glaciers vanishing on Mount Kilimajaro and around the world. Forests are disappearing – deforestation means we are losing one of the lungs of the world. In 100 days, it is crucial that world leaders come together at COP26 to take urgent action to protect our plant.”’

These are shocking claims, but they have been disputed by scientists, not all of whom support the ‘climate change’ narrative. Yes, human beings cut down trees, but they also plant them; and glaciers do melt – they are, after all, made of ice, and if they didn’t the world would be covered in ice.

Shocking claims cease to shock if they are made over and over again, with global disaster (as opposed to normal, if apparently extreme, weather events) failing to materialise. There are only so many environmental ‘turning points’ that can be claimed before a turning point is reached at which people wake up to the fact that these are not facts but scare stories designed to prod them into taking drastic action about ‘global warming’ that with cooler heads they would never contemplate.

This is because according to Dame Jane and her climate colleagues, ‘what needs doing’ is to impoverish most of the people on the Planet, returning them to a stone age existence.

Far from wishing to help the human race, Ms Goodall has been outspokenly anti-human, believing that ‘what needs to be done’ is to prevent more humans coming into the world, although in this she is not alone: Sir David Attenborough sees humanity as a ‘plague’ on the Planet,

and with fellow wildlife broadcaster Chris Packham, he is a patron of Population Matters,

along with Dame Jane.

And with Sir David Attenborough and *Population Bomb* author Paul Ehrlich, Dame Jane is a patron of population control organisation Population Matters;

indeed, in a highly publicised encounter in 2019, Prince Harry pledged to her that he would stop at two children in order ‘to save the planet’.

This was an interesting announcement, in view of his own brother’s three children, but the decrease in world population that could be achieved if all princes restricted their offspring to two would be minimal; the real target is not princes but paupers. Dame Jane says on the Population Matters website, which is festooned with pictures of black people, that ‘“population growth…underlies just about every single one of the problems that we’ve inflicted on the planet”’.

The Jane Goodall Institute is closely involved providing Africa with long-term contraception – aka sterilisation, since it cannot be removed by the woman herself – along with the controversial Marie Stopes International and the UN Population Fund, a powerful front for population control, under the Thriving Together programme; a declaration signed by the groups stated: ‘“We believe that by working together we can help human communities and their ecosystems thrive.”’

In other words, by preventing black people from having children, the Planet can be saved – for everyone but them, obviously.

Many people support the environmental campaign, encouraged by people like Jane Goodall, but a great part of that campaign is devoted to promoting the view that people are responsible for killing the Planet.

It must be obvious from all this that for many of the ‘great and the good’, the environmental campaign is a handy weapon for promoting their own interests. For the great and the not-so-good, people are the problem – but mainly other people. Ms Goodall has only one child, but has consumed a fair amount of the Earth’s resources in her 87 years telling the poor how to be mean and, above all, not to be so selfish as to have children. And significantly, she does not reveal the cost of the COP26 climate conference, at which, one presumes, attendees will not be regaled with bread and water while they emphasise the need to save precious resources.

She clearly thinks it would be better for chimpanzees if there were not so many humans, but if chimps could communicate as well as she believes they can, they would tell her that their species does not approve of preventing the births of their own offspring. But even if she were the all-time expert on chimpanzees – or on anything at all – it does not give her the right to decide how many children other people can have.

The ‘great and the Goodall’ may want to save the Planet for chimps, seeing human beings as the problem; but the real human problem is elevating dumb animals to justify putting down (sometimes literally) our fellow humans.

Yours faithfully,

Ann Farmer


July 23, 2021