Between them, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam have plans for another 600 coal-fired power plants. Much to the horror of the West’s climate evangelists, Asian demand for coal knows no bounds.

Pinning their belief that these countries would plump for “cheap” wind and solar, instead of “dirty, polluting” coal, the wind and solar acolytes are having a hard time understanding why the unreliables have been roundly rejected.

Here’s the team from Jo Nova reporting on how the Asian ascendancy is being driven by an insatiable demand for coal.

Five Asian countries will build 600 coal plants, wreck world, but who cares?
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
3 July 2021

Australia and the UK can close one coal plant each, but Asia will build 600.

There’s a socially awkward moment coming at the G20’s next dinner, but despite the combined selfish evil of the theoretical Asian Planet Wreckers, no one will really say much, put trade embargoes on, or boycott the Olympics.

Ultimately, everyone at the table knows that Carbon Voodoo is a Western dinner party game, not a serious pollutant.

China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam plan to build more than 600 coal power units
Jillian Ambrose, The Guardian

Five Asian countries are jeopardising global climate ambitions by investing in 80% of the world’s planned new coal plants, according to a report.

They are all developing nations, apparently, so they can be forgiven, even though the list includes number 2 and 3 on the World’s Biggest Economies list, and one of these fledglings just left the nest and landed on Mars.

Spot the craziness:

Carbon Tracker, a financial thinktank, has found that China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam plan to build more than 600 coal power units, even though renewable energy is cheaper than most new coal plants.

Why are they knocking back all the cheap solar and wind power? Could it be that China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam are filled with stupid people who can’t add up? Or is it that they can do the sums and they noticed that every nation with renewables also has expensive electricity?

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July 23, 2021