Michelle Stirling recounts her experience of being cancelled by the Canadian Mental Health Association (Alberta) on the day of presentation of her approved poster for their virtual conference entitled “Working Stronger – Building Resilient Workplaces in the Face of Challenges” (March 9-10, 2021).

Her poster was accepted and approved a month before and was posted online the evening of March 8th.

By morning it was gone.

Conference organizers indicated some sponsors did not like the poster topic.

The topic dealt with “Indoctrination and Demoralization: Climate Change Fears and Alberta’s Workforce”.

The poster showed and explained how the Tar Sands Campaign had destroyed jobs for thousands of Albertans, leading to suicides and driving rifts in society.

To add insult to injury, the government had also contracted Climate George, a lifelong anti-oil activist, to do round-table talks under the title of “Alberta Narratives” with counterfactual information about world energy demand.

Michelle Stirling is a former employment counsellor and explored themes of ostracism (Kipling D. Williams) and the impact of unemployment (Marie Jahoda) which correlate to Tar Sands Campaign methods of ostracizing, vilifying, denigrating and demoralizing scientific and engineering experts.

The activists use misinformed smears about climate change and the oil sands, are often paid by foreign-funding, and the agenda-driven climate activists will never be accountable for the damage they have done, unlike the highly educated Professional Geoscientists and Professional Engineers who are duty bound to protect society.