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Hardly surprising, but the destruction of the countryside will continue regardless.

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Wind farms are shrinking golden eagles habitats as they are afraid of the blades, a study has found.

The birds of prey are eight times less likely to fly near turbines when they are rotating compared with when they are switched off, scientists from the ecological company Natural Research Projects have found.

It is thought the birds are avoiding areas where turbines are situated because the noise and movement makes them feel threatened.

Another theory is that the circling blades remind them of human arms, or they associate them with human activity.

The findings run contrary to earlier research, which suggested that wind turbines primarily pose an injury threat to wildlife, as birds can get caught in the blades when they fly too close.

This is believed to be the first study to expose the threat to habitat posed by wind farms.

Telegraph source: Wind farms are shrinking golden eagle habitats as blades make them scared [paywall]

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July 22, 2021