Accept EVs, accept anything – forever?

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By Duggan Flanakin ~

If you listen to the “woke” futurists, or even to the majority of auto companies pledging to stop manufacturing gasoline and diesel vehicles, it might be time to sell your auto stocks. Do you really think the U.S. is about to build 280 million electric vehicles to replace the 270 million internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles that many states (and many countries, not to mention auto manufacturers) want to ban (from the highway not just from new sales) by 2030, 2040, or maybe 2049?

Forget the sheer impracticality of taking gasoline and diesel fuels off the market in rural areas. Forget the absurdity – let alone the massive job losses – from shuttering 110,000 gasoline stations (many with dozens of pumps), or expecting them to rely on charging electric vehicles to pay the rent. Most of us won’t be driving to the convenience store very often – if at all.

Forget it all, because you are not going to own the car you drive, and you are unlikely to be going anywhere anyway, except maybe to court or work (for the few that work outside their cubbyholes). Someone (or some driverless vehicle, at least) will pick you up, drop you off, and bring you back – and there won’t be any XM Sirius, Spotify, or even air conditioning.

You, says a crack research team [some might say a research team on crack!] from the University of Leeds, will be allocated a travel allowance of 3,000 to 10,000 miles per year (based on the occupation you are assigned) in government-owned vehicles of the government’s choosing. And yet the soap opera of the electric vehicle’s foibles continues daily.

In recent weeks we have learned that electric vehicles are not disabled-friendly, that they are already overtaxing the California grid, that the rich continue to need to be subsidized to afford them, that even then they only become economical if driven for 100,000 miles, and that charging stations in rural areas are rapidly disappearing.

While all these stories are troubling, the authors of the Green New Deal, their counterparts at the International Energy Agency and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and professional bureaucrats in governments across the globe envision a future with no private ownership of vehicles or anything else (for the “little” people, that is).

As Dr. Antony Mueller warned last December, the World Economic Forum, whose focus he says is global control, envisions that by 2030 – less than a decade from now – a new world order (remember George H. W. Bush wanted one?) will have emerged in which “the state is the single owner of everything.”

In WEF-world, “values like individualism, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are at stake, to be repudiated in favor of collectivism and the imposition of a ‘common good’ that is defined by the self-proclaimed elite of technocrats.” Think Facebook censorship, Google deplatforming, and Cancel Culture on steroids.

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July 20, 2021 at 05:39PM