Talking Wildfires and Climate Tyranny with Tim Wilms

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Contributed by Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager © July 07, 2021

I was pleased to be invited to talk with Tim Wilms of Wilms Front/The Unshackled of Australia. I promised Tim and his audience that I’d put up a blog post with some of the links to things I referenced in our talk, so that people could explore in detail, if they choose to.

A ‘hot’ topic is that of the wildfires and the ‘heat dome’ that made for punishing temperatures in Western Canada, especially British Columbia, where more than 700 people died of heat-related causes. Climate activists have claimed this is due to climate change and caused by use of fossil fuels and related CO2 emissions. That is simply not true.

  1. The real science behind the North American heatwave and wildfire causes.

The heat wave was caused by a ‘heat dome’ a known meteorological phenomenon created by blocking patterns of high and low pressure zones.

Our scientific advisor, Dr. Madhav Khandekar explained part of it in an article with The Epoch Times.

A man cools off in the frigid water of Lynn Creek in North Vancouver on June 28, 2021. (The Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck)

Jim Steele has a plain language discussion on Watts Up With That of how these high and low pressure zones interacted to amplify the heating effect – and he refers people to a more scientific discussion by Cliff Mass, a meteorologist and professor of atmospheric scientist who is a specialist in the Pacific North Western US climate and weather patterns.

From the Cliff Mass blog post on this issue:

Everything had to come together just “right” to give us this extreme event.

Record amplitude of a ridge/high pressure over our region, forced by a tropical disturbance in the western Pacific, that produced a downstream “wave train”. An environment that allowed the resulting wave to amplify. The ridge had to be in exactly the right position relative to our terrain.(Rocky Mountain Ridge create a physical barrier) An upper-level trough had to develop in just the right location offshore and move in the optimal direction to cause strong southeasterly flow, fostering the supercharger noted in the article. We needed a period when the sun was very strong. And a summer stretch without smoke, which has a profound cooling effect.

The meteorological dice had to come up all sixes. And they did.

So that’s the ‘heat dome’ – as for wildfires – wildfires are integral to nature and this is how the forest regenerates itself. Some pine cones actually need the extremely high heat of wildfires to open the cone and pop out new seeds.

According to our forestry consultant,

2021 is a variant of the same time in 2017. This situation is driven by the equilibrium moisture content of fuels. You reach a point where increasing the rate of drying reaches a physical maximum regardless of the heat.

In the middle of June we were still talking about June-uary.
We had a cool, bright spring that which encouraged a lot of new growth on the vegetation. Ordinarily that new vegetation would mature and acquire some degree of drought and heat hardiness.

The heat rolled in and by last weekend foliage was being killed outright – you could smell it in the air – and by Monday that freshly killed vegetation was rapidly curing and still standing rather than lodging and falling to the ground.
With the relative humidity in Lytton at 10%, high temperatures, and the astonishing winds in the Lytton it has been recognized as a community at risk.

The Lytton fire was a ground fire ember storm that quickly became a structural inferno. This was not a crown fire (crown of the trees) because it was not a contiguous canopy.

The map below show the June 30, 2021 fire risk – you can see it is high and extreme.

Maps update daily during wildfire season:

Just a few days later the extreme risk remained on the prairies, but had calmed down in BC

Based on these maps, this is a regional phenomenon, not climate change – otherwise all of Canada would be lit up in red all the time. This is not the case.

This year, many dozens of wildfires in BC were caused by lightning – BC also has had an infestation of pine beetles which have left scores of dead and dying tress – ideal kindling for a wildfire.

One of our people did an assessment of wildfires and pine beetle correlation regarding the 2017 wildfire season:

It should be noted that hundreds of wildfires have been started by humans over the years – often arson or negligence. Last year the number was way way down ….ironically due to COVID lockdowns! By August of 2018, human caused wildfires were >400 out of ~1900. Not all were arson, often negligence, accidents, etc.

The post Talking Wildfires and Climate Tyranny with Tim Wilms first appeared on Friends of Science Calgary.

  1. Climate politics in Canada and energy targets at a federal and provisional provincial level.

Climate politics in Canada are skewed by the very wealthy and powerful environmental charities – many of which have been funded by foreign sources to push carbon price, carbon markets, renewables (which generate the tradeable carbon credits) caps on emissions, and general climate hysteria.

Many of the former ENGO members have ‘graduated’ to senior positions in government or policy organizations. This is all part of the #TarSandsCampaign which is a similar ENGO-led #GreenTradeWar like that of the battle against Adani Coal in Australia.

Tar Sands Campaign:

As Robert Lyman states, Climate change policy is an actual threat to Canada and Canadians.

He was a federal public servant for 27 years and diplomat for 10 years.

  1. The economic cost of counter climate change measures. Keystone pipeline cancellation

The costs of counter climate change measures are incalculable in many ways.
We know that at least $100 billion in investment left Canada in the space of 2 years due primarily to crazy climate policies.

Keystone XL itself is part of the #TarSandsCampaign green trade war against Alberta. It is ridiculous from the environmental perspective, because if you really believe in ‘reuse recycle’ then it makes sense that our heavy oil be processed at under utilized refineries on the US Gulf of Mexico coast. But James Hansen and the green faction have exploited the ‘look’ of tar sands mining to claim this is ‘dirty’ oil and that wind and solar are clean – in effect a global demarketing campaign for Canada, and a psychological operation on people regarding wind and solar – making them appear as the ‘clean’ alternative when they are anything but. This report is the #TarSandsCampaign -ers in their own words.

  1. How friends of science and other climate change skeptics are treated in Canada.

Until about the past 3 years, we were generally dismissed as ‘climate deniers’ and “Big Oil shills” – the usual smears. But now the real costs of climate policies are hitting home, job losses are up, people see that these environmental charities have HUGE sums of taxpayers money through their tax subsidized status, but also through government grants that favor pet-projects that do nothing for our economy…. Now thousands more people are coming our way and hundreds more are supporting us, dozens of people have taken out memberships, our social media platforms are growing. Even those who might disagree with our scientific view that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not you and not CO2, are certainly keen on our economic analyses.

Our simple billboard of a few years ago created a huge furor and led Ecojustice Canada, and environmental law ‘charity’ to try and have us fined and jailed under the Competition Act.

However, the mainstream media is still hostage to campaigns like that of Columbia Journalism Review – which has some 400 media outlets worldwide, reaching 2 billion people, all signed up to the Stockholm Syndrome version of Greta’s climate catastrophe.

Columbia Journalism Review is running and international media campaign with some 400 media outlets on board, reaching 2 billion people, which is nothing more than a groupthink campaign on the alleged climate emergency.

Slowly people are coming around – but will it be too late? That is really the question. Unbelievable damage has already been done to Canada’s economy and global reputation for investment.

  1. The return of Greta to activism post-covid
    Greta is energy illiterate.

She is backed by carbon offset kings according to Cory Morningstar.

  1. Will governments be emboldened after selling COVID lockdowns to try climate lockdowns or restrictions?
    Yes. The climate folks LOVE the lockdown. Deutsche Bank was advocating for an eco-dictatorship last fall.

Marianna Mazzucato was warning of climate lockdowns last fall – she’s an economist, not a climate scientist.

The UNEP wants climate lockdowns every year to reduce emissions 7.8% for the next decade.

In the past COVID lockdown emissions were down about 8% in GHG emissions – BUT CO2 continued to rise ! This indicates that nature is a more influential element than human influence.

  1. What are the main outcomes from the UN Climate Summit to watch for.

At COP26, the powers that be will be taking the purely ‘voluntary’ Paris Agreement and trying to make it mandatory. Watch for a push for even a personal carbon ration. This was George Monbiot’s idea of some years ago.

Global Carbon Tax LAW will, in my opinion, destroy the west and democracy.

  1. Impact on free speech of Canada’s C10 internet standards bill.

So far, the push back and the Senate managed to block approval of Bill C-10 – but it may rise again (Canadian parliament is on summer break). Bill C-10 would be completely devastating.

There is another WORSE bill pending – Bill C-36 – which would reinstitute ‘hate speech’ as a criminal offense (for which there is already criminal legislation against incitement against individuals or groups) – but this one would be applied to the internet and ‘hurt feelings’. Anyone could report/complain and there could be immediate deplatforming, very large fines and more – with little recourse.

Canada is looking more and more like a totalitarian regime. We are deeply concerned that an eco-dictatorship is being imposed through other methods – including various COVID policies.

Interestingly, COVID and climate policies are based on faulty models.

Tim and I also discussed a few other things. If something piques your interest and you’d like a link to material – feel free to send a note to: media(at)

Tim Wilms has many very interesting guests on his show from around the world. Have a look – and on his page below his shows are links to all of his social media accounts so you can follow his work.

Thanks very much, Tim! Enjoyed the chat.

Here’s to freedom from Climate Tyranny, people!

Only you can make that happen.

– Michelle

via Friends of Science Calgary

July 21, 2021