Sky News host Rowan Dean says the theory of global warming has “more holes in it than a silk doona in a hailstorm” but national leaders refuse to “acknowledge what is staring them in the face”.

“Figures from our own Bureau of Meteorology show we have just had the second coldest June on record,” Mr Dean said.

“At the same time, different hemisphere, Justin Trudeau appears blissfully ignorant that it’s been a record cold start to the Canadian summer in parts of his homeland.

“At the same time, Joe Biden is clueless.

“Joe Biden appears even more clueless than normal about the freezing summer lows that have invaded his own West Virginia.

“We’ve also had record cold in Brazil, and in South Africa and record snowfall in New Zealand.

“All of that didn’t stop world leaders getting together recently at the G7 in beautiful Carbis Bay, in Cornwall, to announce their ludicrous net-zero plans to destroy your job, and your children’s and your grandchildren’s future prosperity, in order to save the planet from global warming and rising sea levels.”


July 10, 2021