Wind energy in crisis as expansion stalls in Germany

Feldheim village near Berlin, Germany.

Subsidies drying up. Public resistance to wind turbines in the neighbourhood. Is the climate steamroller running out of puff in Germany?
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The German wind power industry is suffering setback after setback, says The GWPF.

Hardly any new turbines are being built, and more and more old wind turbines are being phased out. Now wind industry lobbyists are calling for new subsidies and construction rules to be relaxed.

In the Free State of Bavaria there is almost nothing going on when it comes to wind power.

According to a report by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs expansion of wind power has been almost zero for several years.

The share of wind energy in electricity production is now even declining. “Wind power is dead in Bavaria” complained the Green politician Martin Stümpfig.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder had promised in 2019 to have a hundred new wind turbines installed in the state’s forests. But according to the Ministry of Economics, not a single application for such a wind turbine has yet been received.

The Greens are calling for the so-called 10H rule to be abolished, according to which the distance between new wind turbines and the nearest residential area must be ten times the height of the turbines.

Modern wind turbines are 200 meters high, which requires a distance of two kilometers. That makes many projects impossible.

The expansion of wind energy has stalled nationwide as well.

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July 9, 2021