Greta made woke climate leaders squirm at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian World Summit 2021 – they had to sit there and take it, and applaud and thank her afterwards.

I love Andrew Bolt of Australia’s Sky News’ take on it – he suggests “She abuses these woke leaders because no one else will listen or put up with it.”.

I’m actually starting to warm to Greta Thunberg.

Greta doesn’t drive, so she is unlikely to suffer a car accident, something which seems to happen occasionally to high profile people who upset European leaders – though I’m sure such accidents are just an unfortunate coincidence.

So the question is, how do woke climate leaders disinvite Greta, without looking like traitors to the cause? Maybe they are thick skinned enough to just put up with her scolding indefinitely. But the ongoing abuse surely makes it just a tinsy bit more likely that Greta’s victims will grab any opportunity which arises, to downgrade the climate emergency and head for the exit door.

I’m in favour of anything legal which increases woke climate leaders’ discomfort with their current choices – and Greta is providing plenty of high level discomfort.

Keep up the good work Greta.

via Watts Up With That?

July 10, 2021