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New Podcast: Global Warming and the Northwest Heatwave, Plus the Weekend Forecast

The severe heatwave this week has been on everyone’s mind, for good reason.  It was one of the most severe weather events of the past century.  

A number of media outlets and activists have claimed that global warming, forced by greenhouse gas emissions, is the central cause of this event.

Such claims are in contradiction to the best science, modeling, and observations.  My podcast sets the record straight providing concrete evidence that natural variability was the key for this event.

And the podcast also includes the latest forecast, predicting dry conditions and temperatures in the lower 80s west of the Cascade crest, and around 100F for eastern Washington. Wildfires have started north and souther of Washingon and some smoke is moving in aloft (see satellite image this morning).

At this point the smoke should remain aloft, some surface air quality in most of Oregon and Washington remains good.

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Major Weather Change Towards Cooler/Wetter Weather Ahead. Plus Northwest Thunderstorms 101 Weather with Cliff Mass

Be ready for weather whiplash.  In western Washington over the next week, we will go from a minor heatwave to much cooler conditions and some light rain.  East of the Cascades, temperatures over 100F today will transition to a regime of scattered thunderstorms associated with a plume of moisture from the southwest.   In the second segment, I will tell you about the basics of regional thunderstorms and why we are so thunderstorm deficient in our region.
  1. Major Weather Change Towards Cooler/Wetter Weather Ahead. Plus Northwest Thunderstorms 101
  2. How Does Wildfire Smoke Move In the Atmosphere? Plus Weather Perfection
  3. Why are Northwest Midsummers so Dry? And a cool period ahead.
  4. Northwest Sea Breezes and The Potential Cool Down Ahead
  5. The Heat Wave and Global Warming. Plus the Forecast


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July 3, 2021