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Are power companies and solar panel producers getting nervous yet? If not, they may see difficulties ahead for this idea.
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Infinite Power’s breakthrough is a semiconductor that can convert high energy beta particles, X-rays, and gamma rays into electricity.

The Infinite Power cells function similarly to a photovoltaic solar cell, with two critical differences: The precise materials and design of the cells allows us to replace solar radiation with high energy releases from natural decay of radioisotopes.

Critically, our proprietary semiconductor can withstand higher energy releases associated with radioisotope decay over a long period of time.


Infinite Power Cells
The breakthrough came when Infinite Power discovered the correct material and process to be used to create the semiconductor material that works readily with most radioisotopes.

This newly discovered semi-conductor material could then be used by Infinite Power in conjunction with virtually any radioisotope as the energy source, replacing the light waves of the sun as the energy source.

This new semiconductor material is the heart of the Infinite Power Cell; it performs the same job as the black solar cells that sit on your roof. Its job is to convert the energy emitted from a radioisotope into electricity.

The high energy gamma waves contain far more energy than the infra-red and visible light waves from the sun that power solar cells. And they emit that energy constantly. Energy waves produced from radioisotopes (like those used in an X-Ray machine) stream constantly to produce power 24 hours-a-day, every day.

The similarities with solar cell technology means that a great deal of off the shelf manufacturing processes already developed by the solar industry is directly applicable and useable in the commercial manufacturing and roll out of the Infinite Power Cell, dramatically lowering costs and production timelines.

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July 3, 2021