By Paul Homewood

h/t Joe Public

Roger Harrabin seems to be getting worked about a heatwave in the Pacific Northwest!

Portland International Airport, for instance, set a record of 108F on Saturday:

However that was only 1F higher than the previous record set in 1965, hardly apocalyptic!

Neither is there any evidence that such extremes of temperature are increasing:

The temperature station at Portland is bang next to the tarmac, which would certainly add at least one degree to the temperature, which Harrabin totally fails to mention:

Meanwhile the all time record for Oregon was set in 1898!

The BBC also reports on the heatwave, but quite disgracefully hints that deaths from extreme weather could rise because of climate change, when the actual data shows the opposite:

As for Harrabin, it is his usual scare tactic – pick an extreme weather event somewhere in the world, and claim it is due to global warming.


June 28, 2021