Unpopular policies are hard to implement, as any politician knows. Having no convincing evidence that trace gases in the atmosphere are a major, or even any, kind of climate issue doesn’t help persuade the public of a need for drastic measures and financial pain either.
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The government is failing to deliver on promises to dramatically cut the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to its own climate advisers, says Sky News.

They warn ministers need to rapidly step up action, with every month of delay making it harder to meet legal obligations to reach net zero by 2050.

In a series of report cards on the government’s progress over the last year, the Climate Change Committee says that despite setting the right targets there’s still no detailed plan on how to replace millions of boilers, encourage people to drive electric and plant acres of trees.

Chris Stark, the committee’s chief executive, told Sky News there’s a gulf between the ambition and a willingness to take tough decisions that affect people’s lives.

“It is true the ambition of the country has changed in the last 12 months and that is useful.

“But unless it is being physically delivered, so the things that will drive us towards net zero, the changes we will see in homes, industry and transport, we can’t say we are credibly on track.

“The government has to change course.”

The climate advisers make 200 recommendations to the government.

They include judging all its policies against a “net-zero” test to ensure they are compatible with climate targets, and amending the Planning Bill to make sure new houses are low carbon and are adapted for rising global temperatures.

The advisers also say the government can’t shy away from encouraging people to fly less and eat less meat.

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June 24, 2021