In response to COVID-19 treatment protocols, using Quercetin, many pharmacies stopped carrying Quercetin. In response to the evidence that Bromhexine works against COVID-19, all top pharmacies stopped selling Bromhexine. Yes, you read it right. The pharmacies have not ran out of these supplements. They have stopped offering them. On some websites, the auto-completion function still offers them.

Table 1. Online offers / sales

Pharmacy \ DrugQuercetinBromhexine
Walgreens (*)NN
Rite AidNN
H-E-BYN (**)NN

(*) I checked a local Walgreens store in Tyler, TX – it sells neither Quercetin nor Bromhexine. Quercetin is not even on the inventory list, although it was offered a few weeks ago.

(**) allows search for relatively small number of supplements, so it is not an indicator.

via Science Defies Politics

June 23, 2021