By Rud Istvan

About the time NASA launched new SLR ‘bird’ Sentinel-6, I posted on whether it was (unlike its predecessor Jason 3) mission fit for purpose.

At that time, there was then no way of knowing. NASA claimed it was, but provided no hard supporting information.

Now we know.


NASA today made a big press announcement, that after 6 months of calibration in space, Sentinel-6 will start providing two data products on June 23, 2021, “keeping an eye on rising seas”.

The first will be available within hours of collection and is accurate to 5.8 cm.

The second will be available two days after collection and is accurate to 3.5 cm.

Since the long record differential GPS corrected (for vertical land motion) tide gauges all show about 2.2mm/year and no acceleration, both data products are useless for any SLR climate purpose.

Nonetheless, the NASA announcement is accompanied by a Sentinel-6 data preview image, below. ‘

Above average SL’ (huh???), of course, is red!!!

NASA imagines sea level is like the children of fictional Lake Wobegon— all above average.

via Watts Up With That?

June 22, 2021