Sky News host Peta Credlin says “China’s latest shot in its victimisation of Australia,” for seeking an answer to the origins of COVID-19, is to push the UN to have the Great Barrier Reef “declared to be in danger to damage Australian tourism”.

“Naturally, there has been no consultation or scientific process. And that’s because this has nothing to do with science or environmental concern – it’s just the latest outbreak of China’s bullying, aided and abetted by the bureaucrats of the UN,” she said.

“And it doesn’t hurt that like the World Health Organisation, China throws millions at these UN bodies to buy influence and votes.

“If green groups are to be believed now, it’s climate change that’s the biggest threat to the reef – but climate change is an issue for all reefs, not just ours – including the reefs that China has wantonly destroyed as part of its militarisation of the South China Sea.”

Ms Credlin said as a good global citizen on climate change – and especially as a protector of endangered reefs – “the Beijing regime is a complete fraud and a hypocrite”.

“China is now responsible for 30 per cent of all global emissions and that figure is rising fast. China says that its emissions will increase – yes increase, not reduce like Australia’s – at least for the next decade. Yet China dares to lecture us,” she said.