Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A hilarious week in Australia politics, during which acting PM Michael McCormack has labeled the Aussie Greens leader a “traitor to Australia”, because the green leader wrote to foreign governments dissing the climate credentials the new Aussie OECD head Mathias Cormann.

When Aussie PM travelled to England to meet with G7 leaders, he left National Party leader Michael McCormack in charge. McCormack, an open climate skeptic, is not pulling any punches.

Another hilarious McCormack moment, responding to idiot suggestions to “re-home” the mice plague currently afflicting rural New South Wales and Victoria;

Why is Australia experiencing a mice plague? Mostly its due to Australia’s unstable rainfall – when the rains fall over the desert, thousands of square miles of desert suddenly bloom and produce seed, resulting in a population explosion. But there may be other factors. The last decade or more Australian authorities have waged war against feral cats, even considering deploying deadly robot killing machines to attack feral cats with poison sprays.

I’m guessing the campaign against feral cats has successfully thinned their numbers – with the predictable consequence that there are fewer feral cats to temper our periodic mice plagues.

Will McCormack ever be our full time Prime Minister? Sadly, entertaining as this week has been, it is unlikely McCormack will ever become our full time Prime Minister. As leader of the Nationals, a party with a mostly rural voter base, the National Party is unlikely in the foreseeable future to muster the numbers required to become the majority partner in the ruling federal coalition. But it sure is fun to watch when McCormack or another climate skeptic member of his party is left in charge.

via Watts Up With That?

June 20, 2021