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According to Professor Markus Rex, we have finally crossed the line – though years of well funded research are required to confirm that we have messed up the planet.

Scientists fear global warming has already passed an irreversible ‘tipping point’

The scientist who led the biggest-ever expedition to the Arctic has warned global warming may have already passed an irreversible tipping point.

The tipping point for irreversible global warming may have already been triggered, the scientist who led the biggest-ever expedition to the Arctic has warned.

“The disappearance of summer sea ice in the Arctic is one of the first landmines in this minefield, one of the tipping points that we set off first when we push warming too far,” said Professor Markus Rex.

“And one can essentially ask if we haven’t already stepped on this mine and already set off the beginning of the explosion.”

Professor Rex led the world’s biggest mission to the North Pole, an expedition involving 300 scientists from 20 countries.

“Only evaluation in the coming years will allow us to determine if we can still save the year-round Arctic sea ice through forceful climate protection or whether we have already passed this important tipping point in the climate system,” Professor Rex added, urging rapid action to halt warming.

Stefanie Arndt, who specialises in sea ice physics, said it was “painful to know that we are possibly the last generation who can experience an Arctic which still has a sea ice cover in the summer”.

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I’ve experienced arctic ice, I once spent a few days in Bodø. It was cold. The Maelstrom at Saltstraumen was pretty, and the snow capped mountains were glorious. Lots of pretty Scandinavians. There were some odd things for sale in the shops. One of the towns in Bodø municipality would make a great place for a party, if the ice actually melts away, and if you are someone who doesn’t mind if things get a bit weird. But lets just say I’m not exactly rushing to book my ticket.

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June 16, 2021