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‘What a surprise’, said no-one. Cue vague waffle about facing the issues, mainly caused by ditching reliable (compared to renewables) on-demand electricity generation from coal and gas.
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Britain faces catastrophic power cuts because of an increasing reliance on electricity to run everything from cars to home boilers, the Committee on Climate Change has warned. The Telegraph reporting.

Decarbonisation plans, which involve switching transport and heating away from petrol and gas, will mean outages in the future have a greater impact, the Government’s independent advisory committee on climate change has said, as it urged the Government to make sure the system could withstand extreme weather.

Incidents such as floods and storms, potentially made more intense by climate change, could leave thousands without power unless the Government prioritises adaptation, something it has so far failed to do, the committee said.

Electricity currently provides 15 to 20 per cent of the UK’s energy, but by 2050 this could rise to 65 per cent, a trend mostly driven by a switch from petrol and diesel-fuelled transport to electric power, and from gas boilers to electric alternatives such as heat pumps.

Power cuts such as those seen across England and Wales in August 2019 could become more frequent, and the risk of this is “not currently being managed,” the report found.

Full report here [paywalled].
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June 16, 2021