By Paul Homewood

There’s a new book out, which ludicrously claims that climate change is racist!

When we talk about racism, we often mean personal prejudice or institutional biases. Climate change doesn’t work that way. It is structurally racist, disproportionately caused by majority White people in majority White countries, with the damage unleashed overwhelmingly on people of colour. The climate crisis reflects and reinforces racial injustices.

In this eye-opening book, writer and environmental activist Jeremy Williams takes us on a short, urgent journey across the globe – from Kenya to India, the USA to Australia – to understand how White privilege and climate change overlap. We’ll look at the environmental facts, hear the experiences of the people most affected on our planet and learn from the activists leading the change.

It’s time for each of us to find our place in the global struggle for justice.

The book’s argument is the rather tired one, that the bulk of carbon dioxide emissions come from the “rich, white half of the world”, whilst the “poor, black half” suffer the consequences.

But what the book totally fails to recognise is just how much better off the African and other third world countries are as a direct result of the industrial revolution and subsequent economic growth in the developed world.

By every metric, including life expectancy, child mortality, malnutrition, education, healthcare, clean water and poverty, life has been transformed for the better in the third world.

When the climate rhetoric is swept away, what the book really seems to be objecting to is the fact one one part of the world is better off than the other.

I would not normally leave Amazon reviews on books I have not read. But I have read the excerpts, and they more than justify criticism. Please feel free to add your own!


June 15, 2021