May Snaps Long-standing Streak for Strong Tornadoes in US

Accuweather reports:

During the month of May, the United States saw 288 preliminary reports of tornadoes, above the May average of 276 tornadoes. None of these storms were rated as stronger than an EF2, marking the first time there has not been a tornado of EF3 strength or stronger in May since 1950, when record-keeping began. There were also no deadly tornadoes in the U.S. in May, making this the first year without a killer tornado in May since 2014.

May 2021 tornadic activity was a far cry from the unprecedented pace that unfolded just two years ago. In May 2019, there was a nearly two-week stretch during which tornado activity felt nonstop in the U.S., with a record 13 straight days on which at least eight or more tornado reports were issued. That month featured 556 tornadoes in total.

This May saw the eighth fewest tornado watches on record and just eight significant (EF2+) tornadoes.

Here is the NWS Storm Prediction Center’s Twitter thread.

This thread will provide a brief summary of May 2021 severe weather.

The most remarkable stat is that no tornadoes have been rated EF3+ thus far. If this stands, this would be the first time in recorded history (since 1950) that there were no EF3+ tornadoes in May.

May severe weather reports were below normal, but tornado reports were near the 10 year average.

May 2021 had the 8th fewest tornado watches since 1970.

Thus far, only 8 EF2+ tornadoes have been confirmed in May 2021. If no additional significant tornadoes are added, this would be the 5th fewest May significant tornadoes in recorded history (1950-present).

Originally tweeted by NWS Storm Prediction Center (@NWSSPC) on June 10, 2021.

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June 12, 2021