Here is a link to the report in this evening’s news in the south: BBC iPlayer – South Today – Late News: 07/06/2021  I don’t think they leave it up for long.

The report was the third item in a short 11 minute bulletin, beginning at 7 minutes in. It was said to be part of a series by Paul Clifton called ‘The Road to Reducing Carbon’. It began by saying that motorists were put off switching to EV’s by the fact that very few independent garages can repair or maintain them. An expert was interviewed who agreed that few mechanics were trained at the present and so they would need to be retrained and have new equipment.

Next he said that another issue was that damage from quite minor accidents could lead to the car being written off if the battery was damaged. He explained that although the battery meant that no CO2 was emitted as the car went along, there was a lot of energy and cost involved in the manufacture of the battery in the first place. Paul Clifton finished the piece by commenting that there was a sizable question mark over how much environmental improvement EV’s really bring.

I was surprised by the tone of this report. It is unusual for the BBC to allow any negative reporting of anything to do with global warming. It shows that there is still some honesty in the media 

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June 8, 2021