By Paul Homewood

May 2021 can easily be described as “cold and wet”. It was the coolest May since 1996, but nowhere near as wet as 1967; 1924 and 1925 were both also wetter:

If you thought it was cold though, temperatures were 0.9C lower eighty years ago. Although that month started very dry, continuing April’s weather, there was a spell of exceptionally heavy rain towards the end of the month, bringing extensive flooding:

May 1951 was another cold month, colder than last month but not as cold as in 1941.

The main highlight of May 1961 was its damaging late frosts:

 May 1971 was a notably sunny month, particularly in the North East, where Durham had its sunniest May since records began in 1886. Despite this, periods of heavy rain brought minor flooding to several places at various times during the month, and a “remarkable” 34mm of rain fell at Uxbridge in just 35 minutes:

As with all of the other months in this series, the archives show that there is nothing unusual or extreme our weather nowadays.


June 5, 2021