The climate propaganda machine known as Nature magazine and the fake news media are making the rounds today with a study claiming that about one-third of heat-related deaths are attributable to global warming. Such BS. here’s a couple points to arm yourself with. Below is a portion of the key chart from the study.

You can see what the “researchers” did.

They cherry-picked a sample of deaths in various geographic regions, computed the average daily deaths and the average daily deaths on arbitrarily selected hot days, compared the two and attributed the difference to global warming.

We’ve seen this bogus technique before in big body count public health propaganda like “smoking kills 440,000 annually” (if you smoke and die, smoking killed you) and “obesity kills 300,000 per year” (if you’re obese and die, obesity killed you).

This BS on many levels. From the cherry-picked data collection to the arbitrarily selected hot days to the assumption that if you die on a hot day then the heat and global warming killed you.

Keep in mind that although heat waves have declined in frequency and intensity since the 1930s (that’s per the government’s National Climate Assessment), we are to believe that global warming is now responsible for one-in-three US heat deaths? Ridiculous!

Also note this chart from the Nature study:

See how deaths start increasing with global warming hysteria in the 1990s? Of course. This is likely a detection and classification fallacy motivated by the propaganda need to show global warming is killing people.

It might be possible to attribute a certain number of deaths to hot weather. There is no doubt heat-related deaths happen under a variety of circumstances. But this study doesn’t even really show that a single death is attributable to hot weather, much less global warming or CO2. All the attribution is just assumed. And how do you know a hot day is caused by global warming sun the first place? The study is just garbage statistical analysis meant to be used as propaganda. So mission accomplished.

You can read this piece of crap from Nature here.

In any event, when it’s hot out, stay cool and drink water.


June 2, 2021 at 05:25AM