As you may know, I’ve been invited to speak at ICCC-14. From press release:

As The Heartland Institute is getting ready for our big climate conference in Las Vegas October 15-17 (ICCC-14), we wanted to offer you some sneak previews of what the program will look like. And how better to do that than to invite our speakers to give previews of the presentations they are preparing?

In our third in this series, join us LIVE on YouTube Thursday, June 3 at 4:00 p.m. ET (3:00 p.m. CT) as Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Anthony Watts, publisher of the Watts Up With That site, gives a sneak peek of his Las Vegas presentation. In this preview, Watts will discuss the “Climate Emergency” presented by climate activists.

Watts has investigated the evidence and will illustrate why there’s no need to fear the moderate warming we’ve seen in the last century, and why claims of worsening weather, drought, and hurricanes are overblown hype.

If you join us LIVE on YouTube on Thursday, June 3 at 4:00 p.m. ET (3:00 p.m. CT) you can ask questions of Anthony in the chat.
 We hope to see you there!


via Watts Up With That?

June 1, 2021