Turkey has placed a ban on most European plastic waste imports, the likes of which have been piling up on the streets of Adana, filmed on May 24.

Following calls from Greenpeace and other environmental organisations, Turkey’s trade ministry announced last week that as of July 3 polyethene – a type of plastic used commonly in shopping bags, for instance – will be removed from the list of plastics allowed into the country.

The recent pile-ups of trash, however, aren’t all from the local region.

Labels in German and other European languages can be found littered on street sides, along canals and incinerating in the open.

The influx of plastic waste from the EU and the UK – which sent over 210,000 tonnes of plastic trash to Turkey last year – has also lead to an increase in illegal trash disposal.

Businesses that have been attempting to recycle within government regulations argue the import ban will greatly affect their livelihood and the domestic processing of plastic waste cannot keep them afloat.