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That the statists called Fascism ”right wing” is a triumph of false propaganda

David A

Nonsense. Socialism, Communism, Fascism all equal Statism, individual freedom lost to group power.

Global companies are fighting any populist national movements. International companies are working directly with Statist striving for one world government. This is Fascism, State control and or ownership of Corporations. ( See China)

It is true that it is not perfectly clear who is controlling who, the one world politicians and bureaucrats vs the international one world corporations. Yet their power objective, central international control of the masses and reduced liberty to individuals, all done via centrally planned economies, reduced property rights and freedoms, destruction of American ideals of a constitutional republic, is clear, and decisively rooted in tyranny.

The “right” is against such group power over others and supports individual rights. That the statists called Fascism ” right wing” is a triumph of false propoganda.

So, while Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Mercantilism, etc… may on occasion be not used in the technically correct terms, that is often a distinction with out a difference.

And I assure you, both current US leadership, and EU leadership, are working in harmony with international corporations towards the same tyrannical objectives.

In the end all the tyrants will, with increased international success, fight each other for supremacy.

It’s their nature.

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May 26, 2021