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As the global temperatures continue their obstinate refusal to conform with alarmist predictions, climate scientists are urging people experiencing last month’s bitterly cold European Spring weather to keep believing.

2021 European Cold Spring Does Not Mean Climate Change Is Fake

Emanuela Barbiroglio
May 19, 2021,04:14pm EDT

April 2021 was the coldest since 2003 for Europe, with a monthly average temperature 0.9°C below the 1991-2020 average. What should you say to family members doubting climate change because they see snow around them?

First of all, April 2021 was not the first April month since 2003 that was colder than average. In April 2017, Europe experienced wintery conditions that bear a lot of resemblance to what we saw last month, with a Europe-wide monthly temperature 0.7°C below average.

Also, globally, April 2021 was 0.2°C warmer than average, although not as warm as in the past 5 years (2016-2020) and as in 2010.

According to climate reanalysis scientist Julien Nicolas, who is working on temperature monitoring at the EU Copernicus climate change service (C3S), “one should not lose sight of the big picture”.

Nicolas points out that “the cold April weather in Europe came on the heels of a warm spell in late March that brought record high temperatures in parts of Europe” and adds: “the fact that the climate is warming does not mean that Europe cannot experience cold April months, it means that such months are becoming less and less likely”.

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Of course, only cold weather events are treated as local anomalies. Heatwaves are part of the big picture, right? Back in March, the localised heatwave weather in Europe was treated as unequivocal evidence of global warming.

Monthly temperature records smashed in Europe beneath sprawling heat dome

At least three countries broke all-time March records

By  Matthew Cappucci April 2, 2021 at 3:06 a.m. GMT+10

Temperatures in much of Europe are running 20 degrees or more above average as an early-season heat dome, a strong high-pressure system several miles up in the atmosphere that traps heat below, remains parked over the area. Monthly records have fallen in at least three countries as the region gets a taste of what could be another anomalously hot summer in store.

It’s the latest in a series of heat records that are disproportionately outpacing the occurrence of cold extremes, largely the product of a changing climate and a planet whose temperatures are skewed hot.

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If people who predict imminent cooling are right, we can all look forward to more backflips and hilarious efforts to reassure the climate faithful in years to come.

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