By Paul Homewood

More media hype over “Arctic heatwaves”

Siberia, which lies within the Arctic Circle, has been hit by an early wildfire season due to the unusual heat blast causing temperatures to rocket. Nizhnaya Pesha saw sweltering highs of 30C last Wednesday, which have been described by Scottish meteorologist Scott Duncan as „mind-boggling“ for the typically cold region. He said last week: „It reached +30°C (86.5°F) in the Arctic today.

„Hotter than pretty much all of Europe right now.

„Truly exceptional for any time of the year but mind-boggling for May.“

He added temperatures across the Arctic region are now 20 to 24C higher than average for this time of year.

It comes as areas in the Arctic Circle, including Naryan-Mar, Arkhangelsk and Salekhard, have all seen temperatures averaging 25-30C for most days this month.

There is no data available for Nizhnaya, but Naryan-Mar is the nearby provincial capital, and it has a long running temperature record.

Temperature in May of 28C have occurred in the past, so there is nothing at all extraordinary about one of 30C. While such heatwaves are rare so early in the season, temperatures commonly get well over 30C at some stage each summer.

And there is no obvious trend to heatwaves becoming more common in summer either:

Once again, the media is preying on the gullibility of the public, who naturally assume that the Arctic Circle is a frozen waste all year round.


May 24, 2021