Morning TV news shows the extent to which our media is green/left dominated.

The Premier spun her way through a few statements, pointing out the usual anti-Gov swing at byelections – saying she was returning to Sydney before evening – without one attempt at a probing question – not that was shown on ABC TV news.

Amazing in view she was asking voters to support her Gov – yet many voters depended for jobs & prosperity on coal mining which her Gov is trying to close down to reduce emissions, while replacing coal fired electricity by renewables.

Late in 2020 her Energy Minister Matt Keane unveiled his plan to achieve that. Then in late March the Premier and her Gov including her Nationals Deputy Premier Barilaro, NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean, all agreed to appoint Malcolm Turnbull chair of the “NSW Net-Zero Emissions and Clean Economy Board”.

Sadly for them the Nationals MP Michael Johnsen had to resign at the end of March and the byelection clock started ticking resulting in the rapid cutting loose of Mr Turnbull. You could not make this up.

We can only hope that Upper Hunter voters see through the lies, bulldust and renewables propaganda and vote their hip pockets.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

May 21, 2021