For the second time in a week, Earth’s waning magnetosphere has failed to deal with a weak ejection from the Sun. This is a sign of the times — a very disturbing one for those dependent on electrical infrastructure to survive (so 90% of the global population).

Once again, the so-called ‘experts’ had no idea that this was coming.

Or rather, they knew that a burst of solar wind was on its way, but expected the event to pass by unnoticed — they assumed our magnetic field could easily handle what was a weak coronal hole stream.

Coronal holes appear as dark areas in the solar corona. They look dark because they are cooler, less dense regions than the surrounding plasma and are regions of open, unipolar magnetic fields. The open configuration of the magnetic field in coronal holes allows particles to escape. These holes are sources of high speed solar wind streams, and when the particles from these streams hit Earth they can cause geomagnetic storms.

Yesterday evening, Earth found itself inside a stream of solar wind flowing at almost 600 km/s.

The wind originated from an equatorial hole in the Sun’s atmosphere:

The ‘experts’ had seemingly given up on this stream.

Not a single official source suggested anything more than a KP 2 was going to be the result.

In reality, the KP hit level 5:

Below is a look at the DSCOVR solar wind data for the past 3-days, courtesy of NOAA.

Looking specifically at the top red line, that jump up –located toward the right of the graph– is the geomagnetic effect of the impact.

DSCOVR solar wind (NOAA).

The solar wind stream was a relatively slow-traveling one, and as a result it was very late to arrive.

This is likely what caused official agencies, such as NOAA, to reject it out of hand, to pass it off as a non-event.

The fact that this wind delivered such a powerful impact is of immense cause for concern. Not that you’ll hear such a warning from the horses mouth anytime soon. After all, governments aren’t in the business of mindlessly scaring their populations. Their ultimate control method is fear, that is true, but it has to be a fully orchestrated fear — there will be something to be gained from it.

In the case of ‘catastrophic global warming,’ for example, the narrative goes:

Yes, the planet will indeed burn to a crisp. Yes, that means you and your loved ones will perish. BUT hold on now, this dire fate can be entirely avoided if you do exactly what we say. That is, if you surrender your freedoms; if you give-up your cheap, reliable energy; and –the latest measure being proposed– if you endure ‘climate lockdowns.’

Nothing is off the table here.

This is 1984.

And our ‘powers that be’ are now openly suggesting measures that a mere 18 months ago would have been considered the barmiest of conspiracy theories.

A recent bought-and-paid-for propaganda piece–I mean, “study”–said that the world needs the equivalent of a Pandemic Lockdown every two years to meet the carbon emission goals outline in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Of course, China can still keep pumping it out. I mean, the rest of the planet is expected to go cold turkey but the Chinese government –the instigators of the past two global f-ups– are permitted to do whatever the hell they like — the benefit of having the UN in your back pocket.

Thankfully though, CO2 induced global warming isn’t a real threat — because if it were, we would all die anyway, regardless of extreme measures we took, due to our passive smoking of China’s huge coal-fired stacks.

In 2020, China built over three times as much coal plant capacity as the rest of the world. It commissioned almost 40GW over the year, the equivalent to building more than one large plant every week.

Furthermore, recent research also showed that 73GW of new coal power projects were started in China through December 31st — this is five times as much as in all other countries combined.

Our so-called leaders are completely ignorant to the game the Chinese regime is playing here. They are so painfully stupid, so weak, and far too busy over-appeasing fringe communities to recognize the true threat to our society. China’s goal here appears to be the destruction of western economies. But to exactly what end? War?

“We have failed to understand in the past that we can’t have tackling climate change as a side issue,” said that absurd ‘climate lockdown’ study’s lead author, Corinne Le Quéré. “Every strategy and every plan from every government must be consistent with tackling climate change.”

But according to the data, the pandemic lockdown had precisely zero impact on atmospheric CO2 levels:

However, the threat posed by the China is, of course, dwarfed by that of the Sun.

The fact that Earth’s ever-waning magnetosphere hasn’t been able to handle the past two minor perturbations is a genuine reason to keep you up at night.

In the year 2000, we knew the magnetic field had lost 10 percent of its strength since the 1800s.

Another 5 percent was lost by 2010.

Further accelerations occurred in recent years, 2015 and 2017, but we laymen were not privy to any additional loss data–with guesses on why that might be quickly sending you down a conspiracy rabbit hole.

Given the last solid data point we have –that of 2010– our magnetic field should have handled these past two events far better — the field is obviously far weaker than we’ve all realized.

What happens when that X-class solar flare is launched in our direction?

Well, it’s back to the Stone Age, instantly.

That’s no power.

No communication.

No Googling “how-tos?”

No delivery systems.

No food.

Just darkness.

I’m prepared.

Are you…?

Grow your own, and look into alternative energy sources.

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