Czech-Republic – Snow in mid-May 2021 – Milling the road to Labska bouda in the Giant Mountains – Credit Milos Salek.png

“There is really an extreme amount of snow,” said Aleš Hnízdo, operations director of Labská bouda in the Giant Mountains.

The surroundings of labská Bouda in the giant mountains remain covered with a large layer of snow even in mid-May. The situation is being exploited by cross-country skiers.

There is even so much snow that even a snow blower was unable to bite through the huge barriers to the Elbe shed.

“According to driver Jaroslav Palivoda, who has been milling the road for 37 years, he has experienced this only three or four times in all those years.

On Thursday, the snow blower finally bit through the snow barriers at the Hanče and Vrbata mounds.

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