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Buys Bitcoinbans bitcoin for Tesla purchases because of the Carbon Footprint, praises Dogecoin, calls for a Carbon tax.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk renews call for carbon tax

‘It’s not like we shouldn’t have carbon-generated things, there should be a price on this stuff,’ he recently said on a podcast.

By Louis Casiano FOXBusiness

Tesla CEO Elon Musk renewed calls for a carbon tax Thursday, a suggestion he said was rejected by the Biden Administration because it was “politically difficult.”

“It is high time there was a carbon tax!,” Musk, the head of Tesla, the electric car company, and SpaceX, simply tweeted. 

Musk’s comment came a day after he said Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin for vehicle purchases because of concerns over the environmental cost of bitcoin mining. 

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Can’t help wondering if Musk is risking a letter from the SEC. Comments which cause the price of commodities to swing wildly in different directions are sometimes interpreted as deliberate market manipulation, though I don’t know enough about securities law to give an opinion about whether Musk crossed the line.

As for Musk’s call for a carbon tax, here’s a thought Elon. How about you improve the affordability of your product, so you don’t need government help to sell more Teslas? In my opinion a call for a carbon tax is a heartless attack on poor people, an admission the alternative to fossil fuel is too expensive to thrive without government coercion.

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May 14, 2021