When the GWPF earlier this week called on Boris Johnson to turn the UN climate summit in Glasgow in November (COP26) into an online event, we didn’t expect that his advisers would respond that quickly, now considering the same idea.

The Guardian is today reporting that “a rising chorus of voices within Whitehall is calling for a virtual Cop26, in place of the messy uncertainty of an in-person Cop that may have to be called off anyway, if the pandemic takes a turn for the worse.”

It would appear that new Covid variants are causing rising government concerns about the possible resurgence of infections next winter. As members of the government’s scientific advisory committee, Sage, have been called to an urgent meeting, Boris Johnson has warned of even “greater suffering” next winter if new Covid-19 variants were to spread and take root.

COP26 president Alok Sharma seems determined to ignore the Prime Minister’s Covid warnings and wants to go ahead with the plan to fly in tens of thousands of delegates from around the world, regardless of any Covid risks.

In light of his winter Covid warnings and the many benefits of turning COP26 into an virtual conference, the Prime Minister would be well advised to make the right decision, or risk exposing the Govt’s Covid warnings as hypocritical.

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May 13, 2021