Guest essay by Eric Worrall

After cancelling Keystone and other pipeline projects, the Biden administration seems to have discovered that if you don’t provide a means of transporting fuel, people run out of fuel.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Says ‘Pipe Is the Best Way’ to Transport Fuel After Admin Canceled Keystone Pipeline

JACOB BLISS 12 May 2021

Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitted during a press briefing on the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack Tuesday the best way to transport fuel across parts of the country is pipelines, despite the fact that the Biden administration has revoked pipeline permits, including Keystone XL.

Amid the ongoing fuel shortage throughout the East Coast from the cyberattack, Granholm said “pipe is the best way to go” when transporting fuel, contradicting President Joe Biden’s first day in office on which he revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

“What is the feasibility of using rail cars to transport fuel into the affected areas?” a reporter asked, adding, “I know that’s being looked at.”

Granholm admitted, “pipe is the best way to go,” but “we’ll have to wait until their analysis is done” from the Department of Transportation (DOT), which is looking into other options.

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Video of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm saying “Pipe is the best way”.

I know some of you think the Biden administration is the dumbest ever, but you have to admit it is encouraging to see them take their first faltering baby steps towards learning by their mistakes

You never know, given time the Biden administration might even grasp the concept of “system redundancy”. But “system” and “redundancy” are big scary words, so perhaps I am reaching for an unrealistic level of optimism.

Update (EW): Joe Biden has a plan – his fast response plan to get the fuel flowing again is to invest in more education for cyber security experts. When reporters asked Biden questions at Wednesday’s briefing, he responded “You guys are bad. I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions. I’m supposed to leave. But I can’t resist your questions.”.

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May 13, 2021