The latest (EPA-funded) PM2.5 horror story is that PM2.5 from farm emissions kills 17,000 people per year. Thanks to PM2.5 science fraud, you can now even figure out just how “deadly” the food you eat is.

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Here is the Washington Post report on the study (Web | PDF).

Here is the “study” and supplementary material.

So this is just the usual PM2.5 fraud where it is assumed that PM2.5 kills and that all that is left is to figure out are emissions and convert them into deaths. readers know that we have exhaustively shown that PM2.5 kills no one. The non-scientific nature of the PM2.5 claims was recently acknowledged by the EPA’s Clean Air Act Scientific Advisory Committee as follows:

Now for some comic relief.

The supplementary material presents this table (check the supplement for the complete table).

So apple production is supposedly responsible for an estimated 1.26 x 10-9 deaths per year per kilogram of apple production.

There are about 4.82 billion kilograms of apples produced every year.

Dividing that production by the rate means that PM2.5 emissions from apple production allegedly kill 3.8 people per year.

In some alternate universe, your apple day… you evil food-eater… is helping to kill people via PM2.5… as is the rest of your diet.

Finally, keep in mind that the Obama EPA toyed with the idea of regulating PM2.5 emissions from farms but gave up on the idea in the face of political pushback. Look for the Biden EPA to try again.


May 12, 2021 by Steve Milloy