A few things that caught my these past few weeks.

Future sea level change from Greenland and Antarctica, from CMIP5 and CMIP6 scenarios [link]

Regional variation in the effectiveness of methane-based and land-based #climate mitigation options…

New paper from DeConto, Pollard et al: The Paris Climate Agreement and future sea level rise from Antarctica [link]

New paper from Tamsin Edwards et al: Projected land ice contributions to 21st century sea level rise [link]

Guardian article on the Deconto and Edwards papers [link]

Did the drop in COVID related emissions affect the climate? [link]

Excellent review paper: The sensitivity of Antarctic Ice Sheet to a changing climate: past, present and future [link]

Medieval weather prediction [link]

Global reconstruction of storm surges (GSSR)

Plastic Pollution in the Deep Sea: A Geological Perspective…

The effect of information about climate risk on property values [link]

Uncertainty of future #SouthernOcean carbon dioxide uptake cut in half [link]

This #supermoon has a twist – expect flooding, but a lunar cycle is masking effects of #SeaLevelRise…

Big review article: The Miocene – the future of the past [link]

The ‘heat bombs’ destroying arctic sea ice [link]

Untangling drivers of ancient hurricane activity [link]

Th most recent CMIP6 modeling studies of tropical cyclones/hurricanes project no detectable changes in storm metrics most associated with damage … under RCP8.5 [link]

Cold and too much rain exacerbated the Spanish Flu [link]

Connecting the ventilation of the Southern Ocean to the leading modes of atmospheric variability,…

Changes in the Gulf Stream preceded rapid warming of the Northwest Atlantic Shelf [link]

Over the first 12 years of argo, circulation variability has dominated patterns of change, but warming has imprinted clearly on the ocean’s underlying water mass structure…

People have shaped most of terrestrial nature for at least 12,000 years [link]

Intensification of El Nino induced anomalies under greenhouse warming [link]

Anatomy of past abrupt warmings [link]

The storms that destroyed ‘lost town’ [link]

Technology and policy

Must read: Vaclav Smil on the energy transition [link]

Using hydrogen-based fuels for cars & home heating applications risks locking in a dependency on fossil-fuel infrastructure & failing to tackle the climate crisis.…

Nuclear reactors could provide plentiful zero-carbon hydrogen [link]

Big Agriculture is best [link]

“A mismatch between the world’s climate ambitions and the availability of critical minerals could mean a slower and more expensive energy transition, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA).”

A pathway to carbon neutral agriculture [link]

The downside of solar energy [link]

China to phase out coal use, but for now it’s essential [link]

Scientific integrity, public policy and water governance in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia [link]

Lessons from the rush to reforest [link]

Biden Promises to ‘Build Back Better.’ Some Climate Experts See Trouble..…

Farming our way out of the climate crisis [link]

Bill Gates’ message for world leaders [link]

If #WindEnergy is “green” why are so many rural communities rejecting it? [link]

How Green Is Wind Power, Really? A New Report Tallies Up The Carbon Cost Of Renewables [link]

Rebuilding after a wildfire? Most states don’t require fire-resistant materials [link]

New UN report: methane cuts are a way to quickly reduce warming [link]

“Far from addressing climate change, California’s forest offsets appear to be adding tens of millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere on balance, undermining progress on the state’s long-term emissions goals.” [link]

Pumped storage seems great from the perspective of climate-friendly electricity systems, but comes with local environmental costs. [link]

Can we really limit global warming to well below 2C? Yes, but only in a model [link]

Its time to end subsidies for burning wood from forests [link]

Just in time versus just in case pandemic preparation [link]

Lomborg: What climate and energy policies make the most good per dollar spent? Biggest bang-for-buck policy is investing in green energy research and phasing out fossil fuel subsidies

“The results of this study suggest that nomadic livestock contributes to sustainable management of peri-urban land, stimulating grazing that may prevent fuel accumulation in fringe woodlands.”

Investing in geothermal energy [link]

We can’t let nuclear die [link]

Biden’s climate plan is not a new beginning, but the culmination of old approaches [link]

An outdated idea is still shaping U.S. climate policy [link]

Cleaning up the E-waste mess [link]

About science & scientists

Does ocean acidification alter fish behavior? Fraud allegations [link]

When science journalism turns into activism [link]

New enemies of the open society [link]

Why politically guided science is bad [link]

“the extent to which the insurance industry directs, funds & validates the production & use of science for estimating risk is itself a full blown political enterprise that functions to prioritize industry interests” [link]

Is time like an arrow, proceeding along in a single direction? Is it a dimension? Or are these muddled ways of thinking about the reality of time as it is experienced? [link]

Bridging observation, theory and numerical models of the ocean using Machine Learning [link]

When diversity eats diversity: differences between diversity of representation and diversity of thought [link]

MIcroagressions, questionable science and free speech [link]

Climate scientists swap fieldwork for finance – Tons of growth in interest in climate expertise, particularly in the financial sector.…

The tyranny of scientism and the subversion of science [link]

Oreskes: Climate scientists set the bar of proof too high [link]

Scientists’ lanes and headwinds [link]

Its not cancel culture, its cancel technology [link]

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May 8, 2021 by Judith Curry