“What’s on course to hit the U.S. starting this weekend looks BIG,” says electroverse.net. “It looks unprecedented.”

According to the latest GFS models (above) from May 6 through May 8, periodic pockets of out-of-season cold will bring temperature departures crashing down to some 8C to 16C below the seasonal average.

But it’s on Sunday, May 9 that the real problems are forecast to begin.

A violent kink the jet stream looks set to deliver intense Arctic cold to the majority of the CONUS.

The image at top of this page shows the GFS temperature anomaly chart for Sunday, because that’s when a fierce band of polar cold is on course to streak west to east through the entire breadth of the U.S.

From Montana to Virginia, temperatures are scheduled to plunge as much as 20C below the seasonal norm.

Then, from May 10 to May 12 (image below), a rare mid-spring freeze sinks south to engulf Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming.

“May 13 is predicted to deliver an even harsher shot of polar cold to central and southern states, with huge departures from the norm.”

Along with the cold, record-annihilating snowfall is expected to drop down from Canada.

“Beginning in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming on Saturday, May 8, wintry storms are predicted to have engulfed Colorado by Monday, May 10, where they’ll be counting totals in the feet across the state’s higher elevations.”

“Needless to say, these are unprecedented totals for May,”.

“If the reality pans out anything like the models are forecasting, then May, 2021 will enter the books at the snowiest May on record across many U.S. states with the highest one/two/three-day snowfall totals.” If so, “there will be nothing in recorded history that comes even remotely close.”

According to the National Weather Service,

“Unsettled weather is expected across the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains through Sunday.”

“Over the next couple of days, an upper-level trough/low is forecast to move eastward into the western U.S. and push a frontal system across the West ahead of it. These features will lead to precipitation for the Northern Rockies into the Northern Plains. Several inches of snow is expected in higher elevations, and some light snow amounts could even spread into lower elevations of the Northern Plains, given cooler than average temperatures spreading into the northwestern and north-central U.S. after a warm Friday across the Rockies.”

“Broad upper-level troughing over the eastern part of the U.S. will lead to below normal temperatures there, especially in terms of highs–highs in the 50s and 60s for the Midwest to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic would be 10 to 20 degrees below normal through the weekend. On Saturday, much colder air filters into the north-central U.S. with the trough approaching.”


See more as to why we’re entering a full-blown solar minimum:

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May 7, 2021