By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness

More nonsense from the Telegraph’s Olivia Rudgard!

It really is shameful for the Royal College of Psychiatrists to lend its name to this drivel.

First of all, they are deliberately conflating WEATHER EVENTS with CLIMATE CHANGE.

And anybody who has this “eco distress” clearly is mentally ill, and should be treated accordingly, instead of being pandered to. In simple terms, they are suffering from paranoia:

The reality is that people suffered far more in the past from events such as floods and storms. Yet they got on with their life without complaining about eco distress.

The mental health problems the College is now identifying are in fact a product of modern society. As people grow more wealthy and have fewer real issues to worry about, their minds turn to imaginary problems. Simply feeding these delusions serves to aggravate the problem.

I suspect that most psychiatrists will be horrified by this report. As with many other such organisations, this climate policy has been imposed by a small clique with its own political agenda.

As for the nonsense about mental health problems increasing in summer, have not they heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

One final comment- why is the Telegraph employing Olivia Rudgard, if she has not got the gumption to question any of this foolishness?


May 7, 2021