Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

Biden and the Democrats U.S. 50% emissions reduction by year 2030 pipe dream scheme will simply lead to the same failed future emissions outcomes that have already occurred during the last 15 years but on an even more staggeringly expensive and catastrophically damaging economic scale.

The hard core truth about Biden’s and the Democrat’s “climate summit” political shenanigans was exposed in a Financial Times article which characterized the pledges made by the U.S. and other nations as “unrealistic” and  “grandstanding.” The article further noted:

“But the reality is that countries simply haven’t done enough at home with follow-through policies to meet even the promises made more than 5 years ago.”

Global emissions data displaying emissions growth from 2005 (the year pegged by Biden as the point from which to measure the politically contrived 50% U.S. emissions reduction target) through 2019 shows the growth of global emissions driven ever upward solely by the non-OECD nations with most of these nations having no emissions reduction commitments at all in the coming decades including the giant emissions increase drivers China and India that have a combined 5.8 billion metric tons in CO2 growth during this period compared with 1.8 billion tons in reductions achieved by the U.S. and Europe that are simply swallowed up by these other nations.

More significantly the relative increase of these non-OECD nations growth from 2005 to 2019 displays even more starkly the magnitude of disparity in what has happened to emissions growth between the developed and developing nations during this period. China’s emissions have grown by over 76% from 2005, India’s by over 120% since 2005 with the U.S. and Europe having emissions growth declines of about 14% and 15% respectively.

Global emissions data reflecting all developing and developed nations emissions outcomes provides a clear picture of how ridiculous the emissions disparity has become between these groups of nations demonstrating that Biden’s and his Democrats reduction schemes are irrelevant (but massively expensive) in stopping the ever upward climb of global emissions.  

The world’s developed nations (OECD Developed Nations) with the U.S. and EU leading the way achieved global emissions reductions from year 2005 through year 2019 of nearly 1.7 billion metric tons of CO2 as clearly shown below with the significant reduction decline commencing at the start of that time period.

But these OECD nation reductions are vastly overwhelmed by the developing nations (Non-OECD Developing Nations) colossal emissions growth of nearly 8.2 billion metric tons as depicted below with the incredibly sharp rise driven by China and India clearly apparent in the 2005 through 2019 time period.

The end result achieved when the developing and developed nations emissions are combined (the graph below combines all OECD and non-OECD nations emissions with the U.S. emissions profile marking the boundary between these groups with all non-OECD nations emissions positioned above the U.S.) shows that over the period 2005 through 2019 there are  huge increased global emissions growth of over 6.5 billion metric tons of CO2 during this period with the developed nations (OECD Developed Nations) emissions downturn starting in 2005 clearly visible in the graph being completely overwhelmed by the ever upward sharp rise in total global emissions dictated solely by the world’s developing nations (Non-OECD Developing Nations) led by China and India.

These emission outcome disparities between the developing and developed nations as vividly displayed in these graphs are dishonestly concealed by Biden, the Democratic Party and their media shills (presentations of global emissions data and graphs are avoided by Biden and his Democrat emission reduction advocates because these comparisons clearly display the absurdity of their reduction schemes) who falsely claim their efforts are needed to “fight climate change” when in fact global emissions are continuing to skyrocket ever upward.

So completely out of touch with energy and emissions reality are Biden and his Democrats that they continue to propose shutting down our countries use of lower cost, higher efficiency and lower emissions natural gas despite the fact that natural gas provided about 3.4 billion metric tons of cumulative CO2  reductions in the  2005 to 2019 period which represented about 62% of the nation’s total reductions during this period. Biden’s and the Democrats position on shutting down use of natural gas can only be characterized as an act of monumental stupidity and incompetence.

The pattern of inevitable skyrocketing and globally controlling non-OECD emissions increases was mistakenly revealed by Biden in his Presidential address to Congress on April 28 when he went “off script” and announced that he rejoined the failed Paris Climate Agreement because U.S. emission reductions “don’t matter” because Biden, his Democrats and their media cabal know that massively large increased growths in emissions are being driven by the world’s developing nations that can’t be stopped.

Regardless of the emission reductions achieved in the future by the U.S. and EU global emissions will climb ever upward by additional billons of metric tons driven by the insatiable appetite of the developing nations to drive growth in their economies with this growth requiring continued vastly increased use of fossil fuels including much more coal (the most used fuel of the non-OECD nations), natural gas and oil.  

Unfortunately, Biden and his Democratic Party’s emission reduction targets “do matter” to Americans because their immensely costly multi-trillion-dollar negative impact on the economy will achieve absolutely nothing toward stopping the increased growth of global emissions while greatly damaging the U.S. economy.

via Watts Up With That?

May 7, 2021