By Paul Homewood

UK Electricity Generation – April 2021

With last month being dominated by high pressure, wind power only contributed 11% of the UK’s generation, averaging 3.4 GW. Including embedded wind power, which is not included in these transmission figures, total wind power would be around 4.4 GW. For much of the month, wind power was much lower still, at times contributing less than 1 GW.

Current wind power capacity is 25 GW, so over April as a whole, wind has been running at 17% of capacity, about half its average level.

Even with the planned 40 GW of offshore wind capacity promised by 2030, wind power would still have only contributed about 9 GW during the month, whereas total generation has been over 31 GW.

Surely it should now be obvious that we cannot do without a reliable source of backup supply.

Meanwhile, the media continues to ignore the problem, and instead broadcast propaganda for the renewable industry:


May 5, 2021