Gaslighting Meat

Joe Biden made some nonsensical commitments to cutting back greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the next nine years, while trying to bring millions of new people into the country. One of the reasons he did this was apparently to demonize meat.

Experts say Americans WILL have to cut back on meat | Daily Mail Online

For many years climate alarmists have been accusing cows of causing global warming.

Cows wear BACKPACKS to capture methane emissions | Daily Mail Online

“Let’s Talk Science” says that CO2 causes 76% of the greenhouse effect on Earth and methane causes 16%. They say that CO2 traps 30 times as much heat as CO2.

Cows, Methane, and Climate Change | Let’s Talk Science

Arrhenius made the same mistake in the 19th century of not recognizing water vapor as the dominant greenhouse gas, and the claim of 30X for methane is a baseless number which climate alarmists have been steadily inflating for decades.


In the real world, Water vapor and CO2 are the only significant greenhouse gases. Methane comprises less than 2 ppm of the atmosphere and has very narrow spectral bands.

File:Atmospheric Transmission.png – Wikimedia Commons

I generated the graph below from the RRTM radiative transfer model used by NCAR. It shows the amount of downwelling longwave radiation (DLWR) for H2O, CO2 and CH4 when concentration of each gas is varied from 1% to 100% of current levels. Varying concentrations of H2O produce large changes in DLWR, CO2 much less, and CH4 produces almost no change.  Methane is not a significant greenhouse gas on earth.

Five years ago, Scientific American said meat consumption was having staggering impacts on global warming, implying that 1.7 ppm CH4 was burning up the planet.

People Still Don’t Get the Link between Meat Consumption and Climate Change – Scientific American Blog Network

And a few months later they said we may have to move to Titan, which has an atmosphere rich in CH4 and temperatures of -300F.

Let’s Colonize Titan – Scientific American Blog Network

According to the experts 1.7 ppm CH4 is burning up Earth and making it uninhabitable – but Titan is incredibly cold despite having so much methane in their troposphere that it comes down as rain.

via Real Climate Science

May 1, 2021 by tonyheller