By Paul Homewood

While the West continues its rush to the cliff edge, China continues remorselessly to increase its fossil fuel power generation:

Naturally, there is a big increase this Q1 compared to last year, when China was on lockdown.

But the significant comparison is on the second graph, which shows a 6.6% in thermal power compared to 2019. This increase, which is nearly all coal power, accounts for three quarters of the total rise in power production, and is three times as much as the growth in wind/solar power.

There was the inevitable big rise in new wind/solar installations in Q4 2020, as a catch-up after lockdown. However Q1 levels are back down to levels much lower than previous years. Whereas 10.6 GW of new wind/solar capacity has been added in Q1, this has been matched by the same amount of new thermal capacity, which will of course be capable of producing much more electricity.


May 1, 2021