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Experts warn it will cause severe damage to the harvest of plums, cherries and other soft fruit.

And for gardeners whose flowers have been suffering from the cold, the news will come as little surprise.

28 April 2021 – There have been 13 days of air frost in the past month, making it the frostiest April since records began in 1960, provisional Met Office data shows. The previous record holder was April 1970, with 11.

The conditions have caused havoc for many farmers and growers. Guy Barter of the Royal Horticultural Society said: ‘Considerable damage has been experienced in many gardens with flowers such as camellia and magnolias being scorched, and cherry, plum and pear blossom injured so that the fruit crop will be reduced.’

Despite the cold nights, this month is also on course to be among the driest on record. So far there has been only 7 per cent of the average rainfall for the time of year. Mark McCarthy, of the National Climate Information Centre, said: ‘We’ve been seeing a high frequency of frosts overnight throughout April thanks largely to persistent clear skies.’

Across the four nations, England has reported 12 days of air frost and Wales 11 days.

Scotland has reported 16 days, making it the frostiest April since records began in 1960.

Northern Ireland has currently seen eight days of frost, not yet exceeding its current record of 11 days set in April 1983.

Coldest April in 60 years … and yet, and yet, we should all be concerned about global warming.


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April 29, 2021